7 Ways to Make Yourself Irresistable

The key to being irresistable to men is more about you and less about them.
It is about accentuating every one of your strengths both internally and externally and reveling in them. So before we show you how to flirt, tease and seduce, we are going to teach you how to pamper, indulge and revel in the delicious power of being a woman.
1) Before going out to socialize or even see the one that you are currently dating, take a few minutes to visualize what you want to happen. Picture in detail exactly who you want and what you want to happen between you. What qualities will your perfect lover have?
How will he look at you? How will he touch you? Add in as much detail as possible. Knowing what you want is the first step to having it.
2) Before seeing the man you are dating or stepping foot outside the door, take care with your appearance. Look in the mirror and identify all the things that you like about yourself. If you focus on the qualities that you like about yourself, you will have far more confidence in yourself than most women out there. That will show and give you an edge.
3) Accentuate those positive qualities.
For example: If you have full shiny hair make the most of it. Let it flow down your shoulders. Play with it in front of the one you desire. Men have a fascination with hair.
If you have full pouty lips, apply liner around the edges then fill in with a deep gloss that accentuates your skin tone, then apply a lighter coat just in the center of your lips. This will give them even more sex appeal.
4) Play up your eyes. A lot of flirting is done with eye play. Look at him then look away. Use your eyes to tell him everything that you are feeling, everything that you would like to do to him.
5)Wear clothes that accentuate your assets. Hint at your curves without exposing them. Remember less is more. Incite his curiosity. Make him want to see more.
6) Wear a delicate scent. Apply your perfume twenty minutes before you go out the door. A woman’s scent is enticing. Overpowering perfume, on the other hand, is a major turn off.
7) Take care of your whole body, not just your face. Most women wash their face daily and moisturize but what about the rest of you? Take care of your skin. Use a good sugar scrub on your body and follow with a rich moisturizer. If your body feels silky smooth, you will feel and act sexier. Plus the man of your dreams won’t be able to resist caressing your smooth, silky soft skin.


Help! I’m Single For The First Time In Years!

You’re back on the dating scene. But you’re worried as it’s been a long time since you were single or looking. Regardless of how exciting and new it all seems, it’s only natural for one to feel unsure and out of practice’ when taking the step of going on dates again.
So, I have compiled the ten best things you can do to gain some confidence, and have more fun during this transition.
1) Get a makeover. A new haircut, wardrobe, or updated makeup will not only make you feel better about yourself, it will also help to mark this time of your life as a new beginning, and something to be excited about. If you look and feel great, it will give you more confidence which is always more attractive to others.
2) Don’t take it all too seriously to begin with. Look at this time as a chance to get used to talking to others, flirting, coming out of your shell. It doesn’t matter if a serious relationship doesn’t develop, as long as you are having fun! Enjoying yourself will put others at ease and more people will approach you.
3) Start out by going out with a group of friends first. This will feel more natural to start out with.
4) When on a date, nerves sometimes can take over, and we tend to talk more, to try to overcome this. Please try to avoid this. Learn to become a great listener. Also, when you do talk to your date, keep the topics light to begin with. Speak slowly, you’ve got all night! Try to discuss subjects you are both interested in, which will help the conversation to flow more smoothly.
5) Always have a way out’ planned in case a date does turn out badly. Take your mobile phone with you, and ask a friend or relative to phone you at a certain time. If you really want to bail out of the date early, you can tell your date after the phone call that you are very sorry, but you’re going to have to cut the evening short.
6) Remember your date is just as nervous as you are. They are obviously interested enough to get to know you better, and are therefore just as anxious to make a good impression. Try to spend your time on dates, making the other person feel at ease. Not only will your date appreciate this effort, but you will be focusing less on yourself and how you’re doing’.
7) Try to keep up to date with current news events before your date. Nobody is suggesting you pore over newspapers for hours on end. However, if you have some understanding of what is going on in the world around you, it’ll give you both a conversation topic that is easy to discuss.
8) If you have just suffered a painful breakup, try not to focus too heavily on it. Your date wants to know all about you. Not your ex. Of course, if you are going through a divorce, it’s fine to mention it, but keep it to a minimum, and remember your date is not your therapist!
9) Take care of your health. Eat well and exercise. A healthy person is a happy person, and this will reflect well in your self esteem. Know that you are putting your best self forward.
10)  If you come across a set back (for example, your date loses interest or you lose interest in your date) don’t worry! Look upon it as practice. Remind yourself that the aim was to have fun and you did. Look forward to your next romantic adventure!

Mindfulness and Flirting: Seizing The Moment

Have you ever been called a flirt?
Good for you!
You see, flirting is an excellent indication that you are Paying Attention.
In fact, it is impossible to flirt without being mindful. You can’t be all wrapped up in your thoughts, or distracted by worries about tomorrow. You are Right There, in the moment, picking up on subtle signals and dealing out your own.
Mindfulness requires these four steps:

Noticing something new (“HmmmтАжhe’s attractive.”)
Making distinctions (“I like his eyes when he smiles.”)
Shifting perspectives (“He dresses like a jock but he’s a music teacher.”)
Staying fully present (“He’s flirting with me!”)

Flirting requires “people” smartsтАФinterpersonal intelligenceтАФbut it’s also a great opportunity to flex your spatial intelligence (seeing visual cues) and bodily/kinesthetic intelligence (picking up on body language and using appropriate touch to make a connection). A good flirt can scan a room and see all kinds of options for relationships!
And it doesn’t have to be about finding your life-longтАФor even all-night-longтАФromantic partner. You can use mindfulness and flirting to help you create more meaningful connections in a playful way with your neighbor, your grocery clerk, your barista, even someone waiting next to you in line.
Don’t think of flirting as something only desperately single people do. No, no, no. Consider it a tremendous exercise in interpersonal mindfulness.
The first step in flirting is noticing something.
The blue of your waiter’s eyes? The necklace your dry-cleaning lady is wearing? Your child’s teacher’s smile?
Next step: Mentioning it. A quick and sincere comment like “Nice shirt!” is enough to create a connection and open up a conversationтАФand really, that’s the general goal of flirting.
Mindfulness of others is a powerful skill that can help you build relationships in all settings. Flirting is nothing more than being aware of others and taking advantage of what you notice in order to connect.
Who said mindfulness has to be quiet, solitary and inner-directed? It can be spirited, social, and downright sexy.
Notice. Smile. Connect. Repeat.
Get out there and seize the moment!

The Real Unwritten Rules Of Online Dating – The Experts Tell

A recent survey indicated that over 40 million singles have used or are currently using online dating services. It’s a huge business that has ushered in a whole new era of dating with its own unique set of rules.
Of course you know about online dating safety and how to protect yourself from unwanted attention. But do you know the unwritten rules, the tips and tricks that will make your online dating experience much better?
Keep Your Expectations Low
It has been estimated that 96% of the people who use online dating services fail to find a compatible person with whom to have a dating relationship. Part of the reason for this, though, is that most people approach online matchmaking with unrealistic expectations. When they don’t find a perfect match after one or two dates they give up and try something else.
Despite what the advertising wants you to believe, your perfect match isn’t going to just fall out of the sky one day. It takes diligent searching, careful screening, and lots of dates to increase your chances of success. Keep your expectations low key; don’t set yourself up for failure by getting too excited when you see an interesting profile or meet an interesting person.
Don’t Respond Too Quickly
Most online dating services won’t tell you this because they make money from email messages between members, but don’t be too quick to answer when a message comes in. Many online dating experts suggest waiting 24 to 48 hours to respond, and also say never to respond on a weekend or holiday. Their reasoning is that when you respond too quickly it makes you appear desperate and also doesn’t allow you to pause and carefully compose an appropriate response.
Yes, it’s exciting when someone notices your profile and makes contact, but don’t let the excitement run away with you. Relax, take a deep breath, and if necessary refer back to the previous section on maintaining realistic expectations.
Keep It Light
When you answer an email, keep the tone light and friendly. Online messages are NOT an appropriate avenue for providing your entire life history or unloading about your past hurts and current emotional state. Don’t be shallow and flip, of course, but do be conservative with what you write. And, as always, don’t reveal personally identifiable information via online messages.
Don’t Drag Things Along
Once you have exchanged a few messages, it’s time to either meet in person or move on. As a general rule of thumb, if more than three to five messages have been exchanged and you haven’t set up a date yet, then it’s time to say goodbye. Don’t allow yourself to be sucked into email communications that drag on for weeks or months at a time. Email is not a substitute for meeting and getting acquainted in person.
Tell The Truth
One of the great temptations of online personal ads is to embellish the truth about you. Whether it’s shaving a few years off your age, overstating your career achievements, or understating your body weight, remember that the truth will be revealed once you meet someone in person. It’s pointless to lie about such things and it undermines trust right from the start. As Mark Twain once said “When in doubt, tell the truth.”

10 Important, Easy Dating Rules for Your Success

1) Leave the mobile phone off! Do not answer it if it is on Silent either. You should only do this if you are expecting an emergency and I mean an emergency. You only look like a deadhead, self-centred fool answering a phone at a meeting that is important and that goes for all meetings. It’s inconsiderate and breeds contempt from the other party even if they agree to you answering it. They’re only being polite which you’re not, if you do have a ringing phone and answer it. This does not mean leave it at home – you may need it later.
2) Don’t smoke anything in the presence of others unless they also smoke and for goodness sake make sure that no one near you is eating. Never smoke in an area where people are eating even if they smoke. You would be a fool to smoke in the presence of your date when they didn’t smoke. If you’re keen, it may be time to think about not smoking in their presence again.
3) A good rule is not to talk about your achievements unless you are asked. Bragging is more often frowned upon and puts people off early. Show some interest in your date and their hobbies achievements and interests. If you do this regularly enough, it will become a habit and your good social skills will become very obvious to others including your date.
4) Find some way to compliment them. This is good practise even if you don’t think this person is right for you. What goes around comes around! This is also a great building block for social skills improvement.
5) Smart casual attire is always good for the first date. Girls – don’t go over the top with jewellery. It looks crass and sometimes cheap! Subtlety is the name of the game here. Boys – don’t swear or cuss. It only indicates ignorance and sometimes stupidity. It does not make you look tough. Your actions and the way you deal with life will show how tough you are quickly enough. Most people can find an adjective somewhere in their vocabulary to describe things. You’ll find that you can too!
6) Most girls like to be respected and despite their eye lashes fluttering away in some scenarios, they are generally quite bright and one step ahead of you. The more you treat them like your equal in conversation, the more quickly you will identify a good match for you or not.
7) Most boys like to have interest shown in their achievements or interests. In fact, you could just focus on this for the whole date and be safe if you wanted to.
8) Eat like a human being – don’t quaff down the food like it’s your last meal. Don’t fill up. This will ensure that you can feel good about doing something after you’ve dined i.e. dancing, a walk evn consider about going to a differnt venue for coffee, dessert, dancing or a drink perhaps. Mixing you’re venues often displays varying behaviour. If your date begins to swing from a chandelier after one drink you may want to consider the future carefully.
9) Boys – if you enjoyed your date, say so at the end of the evening. Follow up with a thoughtful gift such as flowers to her place of work or her doorstep. It does NOT have to be expensive. The surprise is what counts here along with the fact that you have obviously thought about her since the date. Hand write the card and leave a phone number she can catch you on.
10) Girls – try not to make yourself too available at the end of your first date. But make your feelings clear with an element of subtlety. Whatever you do not ask him if he will call again. Your mind set must be one of value and that if doesn’t call then there will be another who will.
One more thing – on your first few dates never and I mean never get in a discussion of old boy friends or girlfriends, ex wives or husbands, nor anything to do with these issues – Never!

Just Love Me!

Just LOVE me, like a fat kid loves cake!
Have you ever felt like that? When I first heard that, it hit me like a ton of bricks. To be in LOVE like that or to be loved like that would just rule forever. Is that not what we are all yearning for? Do we not seek out LOVE from the second we breathe as an infant? We search our parents eyes for that look of LOVE. We smile because we know it makes them smile with the LOVE that they feel for us.
To LOVE or not to LOVE? This is the question we all ponder through out life.
Why do we yearn to be someones everything? We want nothing more than to feel like the LOVE of one`s life. We spend our lives looking for that special person that will make our world seem like a dream. We want to feel safe and secure in our choice of partners. But how do we really know that this one is “the one” we will LOVE unconditionally forever? How do we know that this choice of LOVE will not break our heart? How do we know that this LOVE will LOVE us when the chips are down and we are not that perfect person that they fell in LOVE with?
Well I hate to sound like a wet blanket here on a cold night, but nothing is guaranteed. Life promises us nothing. We make our lives what they are, right at this moment. In matters of the heart we gamble, and as I have said before, to give LOVE is to risk losing LOVE. That is just another one of those bleary facts. Like rain storms and snowfalls, we have no control over anything that nature has given to us. We can only do our best with what we have. I have spoken before about gifts. Well, LOVE is a gift when it is given and when it is received. It does not happen because we say we want it to, or when we like a person and say “LOVE me”. HA. I am sure that almost everyone out there will agree to that. I am also certain that the word “Stalker” comes from that notion.
LOVE can be a very scary risk. “Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn’t it! It makes you so vulnerable. It opens you up, totally exposing your heart only to let someone get inside you and twist things up so tight, you can barely breathe. You build up defenses, you build an entire suit of armor, so that nothing can hurt you, then that person, not seeming any different from any other person, wanders into your lonely life. You give them your heart. They didn’t ask for it. They did something one day, like kiss you or smile your way, and then your life isn’t your own any more. LOVE takes your heart hostage. LOVE swarms inside you. LOVE devours your entire being and leaves you crying in the darkness. With the simple phrase, “lets just be friends”, it turns into a knife, cutting its way into your heart. The pain is like no other you have ever felt nor ever want to feel again. Not just in your imagination, not just in the mind. It’s like losing a part of who you are, or rather who you were. That my friends is one reason we are so careful to not make the wrong LOVE choice. I know reading this totally makes one never want to do that. But we do, over and over again. Why?
Is it such a deep needed desire that we really have no control? Is cupids arrow that strong? YES on both counts.
LOVE is one of the most powerful sensations we will ever endure in our lives.
LOVE knows no limit to its power, no end to its trust, no loss of its hope.
LOVE can overpower anything.
LOVE stays up, when all else has falls down.
LOVE is felt when one grasps another’s hand.
LOVE is as much of an object as an obsession. Everybody wants it and everybody seeks it, but few ever achieve it. Those who do, will cherish it, get lost in it, and among all, will never, ever forget it.
LOVE does not waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead it creates a perfect love.
LOVE is somewhat like an hourglass, the heart fills up on one side as the brain empties the other.
LOVE is admiring ones heart: as admiration is the love of ones mind.
LOVE is with you when you least deserve it, because that’s when you really need it.
These are a few thoughts that I have that tell me what LOVE is and why LOVE is.
When we’re incomplete, we’re always searching for somebody to complete us.We must understand that until we admit that while our partner can add sweet dimensions to our lives, we alone are the only ones that can bring that same fulfillment to ourselves. No one is responsible for our happiness.
Some people fall into a pattern of needing that NEWNESS LOVE in their relationships. These people will go from one relationship to another forever, never getting off that roller coaster of failure. They never understand that LOVE has stages. LOVE at first is so full of mystery and excitement. Then we move into becoming comfortable with one another and blending our ways to continue to strengthen our LOVE for one another. We continue to grow with each other, adding newness to each other by growing in one world, but as two people. Our years together build our road to our destiny of spending our lives and enduring tribulations as one. If you want life to always be a bed of roses, then you best grow a few gardens, because the roses will only get there if you grow them or bring them to your life. In other words sweet people of LOVE, your LOVE and passion is only what you make it. If you ignore it or get too busy to feed it, it will die or fade away. It’s like any other living breathing thing. LOVE needs to be treated with respect and treated like the special gift that it is.
Another thing we must be careful of is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit our own image, otherwise LOVE is only the reflection of ourselves we find in them. LOVE like you mean it, it is the only true way to let your LOVE for one another grow stronger and continue to be all powerful and wonderful.


This is an article submitted for those who are depressed in their Life. The following can be attributed to de-stress oneself:
1. Emotions are the self-poison that one intakes. So don’t be very emotional.
2. Being 100% practical always works out tremendously.
3. Never give-up what you have in anticipation of achieving something in the future.
4. Trusting someone more than required is always dangerous.
5. Getting hurt is easy, but sustaining it is impossible.
6. Always listen to your heart while making decisions. Don’t let others interfere to avoid regression later.
7. Always be self-dependent, being dependent can cost you more in terms of mental trauma.
8. To try to forget the unforgettable(s) is a hectic schedule.
9. Nothing is eternal except change.
10. Being sensitive is like weakening your organs.
11. Live up to your present joyfully, you never know what is there in store for tomorrow.
12. Letting someone take major decisions in your life is nothing but a blame game.
13. Letting others take decisions on your behalf is foolishness and blaming them for the repercussions is cowardness.
14. Pen down your feelings on a piece of paper if you don’t have someone to share the same.
15. Try to avoid giving too-much to the people who are less-deserving.
16. No one forgets neither the very good thing in their life and nor the very bad thing in their life.
17. Never get compensated for your self-respect.
18. Do not depend for happiness on others because nobody gives happiness to anybody. So, pamper yourself and keep yourself happy in your own way!
19. Try to catch the hard reality of Life when you are depressed.
20. Depressed mood is certainly like a clear mirror image to understand the hard realities of life.
You can write to me about the problems that you are facing and I will try to give my piece of advice to you.